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Patrol Outings are taking place the weekend of November 14th

Please find the attached permission slip for your patrol outing and return it along with a BSA activity form to the adults leading the trips. For more outing information please contact the patrol leaders and/or the adult leader for the outing. Early responses are appreciated so that cooks can plan their menus. Also, if your scout wants to serve as cook (for 2ndClass, 1st Class or the Cooking MB) please contact the adult leader as soon as possible. Also, patrol cooks should contact Sharon Gardner to go over the requirements as part of the planning process.

BSA Activity and Consent Form

Cobras – meet on Saturday; the patrol is considering some type of Service Day and camping at the Yarworths’ house Saturday night
Troop 899 CobrasPatrol Nov 2014 Yarworth BY Camping

Eagles – Camping Friday night to Sunday morning at Bayside site at Camp Rodney; activities include hiking, cooking and maybe rifle shooting.
Troop 899 Eagles Patrol Nov 2014 RSR Camping Trip

Scorpions – Camping at Palmer State Park Friday night to Sunday morning; activities TBD.
Troop 899 Scorpions Patrol Nov 2014 PalmerStatePark Camping Trip

Flaming Arrows – Outing has been postponed and will be re-scheduled.

A Really Cool Philmont Fundraiser

The Philmont Crew is holding a “Jingle Shop” or “Holiday Shop” at the December PACK meeting. The Cubs (and siblings) will be able to shop for gifts for family.

Donations! We are looking for gently used or new items that would be suitable for a child’s gift to Mom, Dad, and brothers/sisters of varying ages.
Between Oct 30 and Dec 11, there will be a box for donations at the Troop meetings.
You can also contact Vickie Bratcher at directly to make other arrangements.

Please remember donations should be ‘gently’ used. Electronics should be in good working order. Toys, puzzles, etc should have all pieces. Some general categories we are in need of include:

  • Moms
  • Dads (usually low donation rate)
  • Toys & Games
  • CD’s & DVDs
  • Housewares
  • Pets (usually low donation rate)
  • Jewelry
  • Teens (usually low donation rate)
  • Books
  • Christmas items

DC Monument Hike / Amazing Race

When: December 13

For Troop members not participating in the Philmont Shakedown. We will be hiking through downtown DC to view not only the well known monuments but many lessor known ones as well…with a twist. Scouts and adults will be borken up into teams. You will then work as a team to complete a version of the “Amazing Race” complete with “Detours” and Roadblocks”. Please see attached info sheet and permission form for more details.

Any questions, please contact Sharon Gardner .

DC Monument Tour Info Sheet

DC Monument Tour Permission Slip

Wreath Fundraiser 2014

Download Info for Wreath Fundraiser 2014

Pricing: There are 3 wreaths available and the prices are (same as last year):

  • Classic wreath: $24
  • Cranberry Splash: $29
  • Victorian style: $29

Please fill in these prices on the back (page 4) of the order form for easier selling.
The profit per wreath is:

  • Classic wreath: $9.33
  • Cranberry Splash: $8.90
  • Victorian style: $9.74

All profit goes directly into your scout account.

  • There are also EZ wreath hangers and an LED light set available for sale.
  • Please collect payment at the time of sale, not at delivery time.
  • Cash or checks only, and checks should be made payable to “Troop 899”.
  • Wreaths will be delivered the week of November 17-21. They will be sorted and available for each scout to pick up within 48 hours after delivery. Each scout is responsible for delivering the wreaths to the people he sold to.

Please bring the completed order form and payments collected to the Troop meeting on October 23th.

If you have any questions please contact Charlotte Brennan at 410-459-5159 or