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Christmas Party This Thursday, December 17

Holiday Party – Thursday, December 17 – 7:30pm
This week’s meeting is our annual Christmas party. We’ll provide pizza, chips, a fruit & cheese tray, brownies, cookies, soda and water. Feel free to bring a dozen cookies to share!

Gift Exchange – Scouts are encouraged to participate in the very fun gift exchange. Just bring a wrapped gift – with a value of up to $10. Here’s how it works: Scouts take turns selecting and opening a gift. The first scout chooses and unwraps a gift. Then, the second scout can either take that first gift, or open another. The third scout can either take one of the already-opened gifts or choose a new one, and so on… If any scout has their gift taken, they get to choose a new one. After everyone has chosen a gift, the first scout gets has the option of trading his gift for any other unwrapped gift. Everyone leaves with a gift, and usually, everyone leaves happy!

Philmont, Summer 2017

Troop 899 has secured two crews for Philmont the summer of 2017. Our arrival date is July 26, 2017 and our departure date is August 7, 2017. The crews will likely depart Fallston on July 25, 2017 and arrive back in Fallston on August 7, 2017. Having two crews allows us to send a maximum of 12 crew members per crew of with a minimum of 2 adults per crew and maximum of 4 adults per crew.

Youth crew members must be 14 years of age on the date of arrival OR have completed the eighth (8th) grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to date of arrival. (Participants 18 through 20 years of age may be counted as either a youth or an adult crew member)

The 2017 Expedition fee is $895 per participant. Total cost including airfare and land transportation will be around $1750 to $1850, plus costs for personal gear and prep outings. A non-refundable reservation fee (deposit) of $100 per participant is due January 29, 2016.

More details are provided on an information sheet on our website If you would like to be added to this trip roster or have any questions please contact Audrey or Jon Streett ( or complete the permission slip found on our website There will be an informational meeting at 7:00 before the troop meeting on January 7, 2015.

Youth Protection Update

BSA now requires all adults chartering with the troop to have their Youth Protection up to date through the entire upcoming charter year. In other words, when we recharter this December, your YP cannot expired before December 2016. Rechartering will be happening soon, and most of the adults in our troop need to retake Youth Protection to follow these new rules.

To check your training, and update your YP, please go to This is a different address than before, but uses the same username and password that you had for myscouting. Here are directions from the website:

E-Learning training courses are now available to take online on my.Scouting Tools. Training courses can be found by selecting the Home button in the upper left corner, then My Dashboard in the menu list. It will default to the My Training section which was also enhanced providing 4 new tab selections:
YPT – displays the Youth Protection training courses available.
Training Center – displays the Scouting programs containing the training courses applicable to the specific program.
Requirements – displays training courses required to become position-trained for your current registered position(s).
Completions – displays training courses that were completed.