Merit Badges

The Merit Badge Process

Step 1—Pick a Subject

Review the many merit badges available, and read the requirements of the merit badge(s) you think might interest you. Choose one to earn.

Step 2—Get a Blue Card

Talk to your Scoutmaster about your interest in earning a merit badge, and ask his permission to work on a badge. If you have questions, your Scoutmaster can help coach you to make the best decision. Have your Scoutmaster sign a merit badge application, or blue card, which is a way to measure a scout’s progress while working on a merit badge. You can get a blue card through your Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair. Please have your Scoutmaster sign the blue card before you begin your badge.

Also, the blue card has three (3) parts to it—one for the scout, one for the merit badge counselor and one for the troop. The blue card should be kept together until the scout completes all of the requirements.

Step 3—Identify a merit badge counselor(s)

Get the name(s) here of counselors we have in the troop and/or district to assist you with the badge(s). Contact him/her—by phone, email or in person—to begin the merit badge. Your counselor will coach you how he/she wants to proceed.

Step 4—Work on, and complete, merit badge requirements

Get a booklet on your chosen merit badge—from the library, a friend or the Scout Store—and work with your merit badge counselor(s) to complete the requirements. The librarian for the troop maintains pamphlets for all merit badges and they can be borrowed through the troop library, as well. You may choose to work with one or more counselors on the same merit badge. You don’t have to finish the badge with the same counselor you started with, but the counselor you complete the badge with should sign off on the merit badge as complete.

Step 5—Sign off on blue card

Once the merit badge requirements are complete, ask your Scoutmaster to sign off on the blue card.

Step 6—Return blue card

Return the signed blue card to Advancement Chair for recording in the troop records.

Step 7—Receive merit badge

The completed merit badge will be presented to the scout at the next Court of Honor. Congratulations!

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