Knife Policy Clarification

Hello Scouts,

I wanted to clarify the Knife policy we discussed last week. I know several of you were a bit disappointed with the information I had shared. So I called the camp to verify the information I had received earlier during the planning stages. I found out the information was incorrect.

You may bring a lock blade knife to camp. The camp does have specific rules, number one No knife larger than a 4” blade, and number two NO Sheath knifes. You are only allowed to carry one knife to camp, so don’t forget your Token Chip Card. If you have any question about this, please feel free to bring your preferred knife to this Thursday night’s meeting and Jeff or I will be glad to look at it for you.

I am getting excited and looking forward to Summer Camp. Let’s all plan to be safe and have a great time! Creating memories that others only dream about!

Serving Him, while serving others!

Chaplain Mike Hayden, Sr.