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Christmas Party This Thursday, December 17

Holiday Party – Thursday, December 17 – 7:30pm
This week’s meeting is our annual Christmas party. We’ll provide pizza, chips, a fruit & cheese tray, brownies, cookies, soda and water. Feel free to bring a dozen cookies to share!

Gift Exchange – Scouts are encouraged to participate in the very fun gift exchange. Just bring a wrapped gift – with a value of up to $10. Here’s how it works: Scouts take turns selecting and opening a gift. The first scout chooses and unwraps a gift. Then, the second scout can either take that first gift, or open another. The third scout can either take one of the already-opened gifts or choose a new one, and so on… If any scout has their gift taken, they get to choose a new one. After everyone has chosen a gift, the first scout gets has the option of trading his gift for any other unwrapped gift. Everyone leaves with a gift, and usually, everyone leaves happy!

I still have some popcorn left!!! Popcorn for Sale!!! Help Help!!

I have 24 bags of the regular caramel popcorn that did not sell and we (the Troop) need to try to get rid of at $10.00 a bag.
I will have them with me at tonight’s Troop meeting for you to buy. You can pay by cash, check or credit card.

If we don’t sell this to everyone then the troop will take a loss of $$240.00 dollars. Please help your troop and buy some popcorn.

It can be a great stocking stuffer or Friday/Saturday snack. if everyone buys a bag it will be gone in no time. 🙂

Thanks for your attention in this matter.

Dawn Fitzgerald Troop-899
3219 Suffolk Lane
Fallston, MD 21047


At this time Ken has the following scouts confirmed for Patrol Outing:
Bobby, Julian, Wyatt, James M., Jake, Tyler, Zach, Lewis, Jonathan, Jason, Kyle, Crayton, Brendan, Kevin
If you are still interested, send Ken an email by Tuesday 11/3 at 5pm. If you haven’t told him personally, or handed the forms to him personally, he doesn’t have them. There are not many of the permission and activity forms turned in, so please turn those in if you haven’t already done so. Permission slips and forms can be found on the troop website at http://troop899fallston.org/outings Thanks!

Popcorn Sales Status and Update

We did pretty well with the sale but we do still have popcorn to get rid of. We have 24 bags of the grab and go caramel corn for $10.00 each. IF WE DO NOT SELL THESE THE TROOP WILL ABSORB THE COST. I will have them with me at the meetings to sell, so please consider buying them.. we do take credit cards.

I placed the second order for the items needed to fill the take orders. and will have them with the show and sale orders at Thursday night’s meeting ready to be picked up. I was short two items for Billy Hayden, so they will arrive in a few weeks. Thanks for your participation.

Dawn Fitzgerald

11/13-15/15 Patrol Camping / Camp Saffron in Broadcreek

Description: This is a PATROL OUTING, where each individual Patrol has and retains their autonomy for their own trip. Where it’s different, is, a single location was selected with the space to allow for each Patrol to spread out to have their own trip.

Goal: ASM Ken Karlic to work with the Trip SPL, Bobby Fitzgerald, as much as is feasible, and coach him in organizing the trip (the stuff adults now do), and all subsequent communications and decisions be made using the Patrol Method. Patrol Advisors may want to talk with Patrol Leaders and Patrol to begin some planning.
Final headcount necessary by Thursday’s meeting 10/29, with permission slips. Information will be added to the outing page at http://troop899fallston.org/outings/
More to come…


Hello every one, this is the final call for all orders and money. I will be at the committee meeting on Tuesday if you want to drop them off at the church and at the meeting on Thursday, 10/22/2015. Please bring any orders you have. Thanks for all your participation. Delivery for all pop corn will be on or around November 14th.


Dawn Fitzgerald
3219 Suffolk Lane
Fallston, MD 21047


Orders for wreath’s are due on Thursday, October 22nd. Please bring your orders and money to the troop meeting on Thursday. If you are not able to come to the meeting on Thursday, please contact Charlotte Brennan at 410-459-5159 beforeOctober 30th to make other arrangements. Orders cannot be accepted after October 30th.

Thank you!

Scout Accounts, Please Read

Greetings from Mike Hayden

Reference: Troop Accounts

I would like to inform everyone that each of you should have received a copy of your scouts Scout Account by email on Monday 09/28/2015. If you have not received it please send me an email with the following information. Your name, your scout’s name, and a valid email address. Please decide which parent would like to receive the email containing the scout account information going forward. While it is certainly an honor to serve Troop 899 and the scouts, this is also a time consuming process. By sending the statements to one email address this would really help me out.

Even if you got the email and would like me to redirect it to another email address please feel free to contact me via email @mikehaysr@comcast.net

Thanks for your assistance with this matter.

Happy Scouting,

Chaplain Mike Hayden

Treasure, Asst. Scout Master

Troop 899